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Well guys, lets support this work and this site, just give it a 3-minutes to install an app (enter Google-Play-Market and search 4sashi and install it, You’ll possibly found it useful or funny! Anyway you can delete it immediately after setting a rating (of 5stars maybe 8)

So don’t walk by, if you like or use this site – just do it like a little donation (is free and just needs a few time from You!)

Thanks in advance!

Now available on Google Play. Get it on Google Play device

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70 thoughts on “Sticky: App for Android

  1. russland Sep 6,2013 8:48 pm

    wow. so fast. thanks.
    but I cann’t test this app, cause I have phone with Android 2.3.

    • russland Sep 6,2013 9:08 pm

      but it works on emulator 🙂

    • zeli47 Sep 6,2013 9:09 pm

      Had to raise min version to 3.0 because some methods were deprecated so basically I could use the deprecated methods and support 2.2 but this is considered bad practice…
      Glad to know it works on emulator!

      • 4sashi Sep 6,2013 10:46 pm

        Nice. Works ok. But do you just store pics inside your app? My idea was to use google search to randomly load pictures, else you cant store too many inside your app, also they’ll be always the same (set). While google search results always change. Take a look at using the same search but json api in ios ver.

        Thanks anyway

        • zeli47 Sep 6,2013 11:18 pm

          I’m fetching the latest entries from RSS feeds, parsing to extract image url, download and display latest 20 for each site enabled in settings.

          • 4sashi Sep 7,2013 11:26 am

            aha, ok, just thought they’re static. What are the RSS sources? some sites like idol-grapher? it would be nice to let user to configure the list of such sources..

  2. zeli47 Sep 7,2013 11:44 am

    I used these:

    Do you have any idea how to let the user configure the sources? Make a sketch to explain maybe?

  3. zeli47 Sep 14,2013 12:40 pm

    Android app – RECENT CHANGES:

    – Added Guess-who mode
    – Restore state on orientation change in guess-who mode
    – Custom image source support
    – Added German translation (thanks Suki412)


    Android app – COMING SOON:

    – set image as wallpaper
    – game stats

    Watch pics:
    – set wallpaper when watching enlarged pic
    – swipe left/right to watch previous/next pic
    – improved custom image sources management (delete single entries, edit entries)
    – cache downloaded images for faster restore on device orientation change

    – Warn user that an internet connection is required in case it’s not available
    – Better graphical design (could use some help on this one, I’m not a designer :))
    – Idol DB (more info coming soon)

  4. nutthawee09 Sep 17,2013 2:25 am

    WOW! Picture quality is great

    but i want J-Pop or AKB48 in 4Sashi Apps. Thanks!

  5. kokoro34 Sep 21,2013 8:06 am

    hola si me podrias mandar la cntraseña de los mv bluray de kpop y jpop

  6. zeli47 Sep 21,2013 8:07 pm

    [Watch latest pics]
    – Can swipe left/right to watch previous/next picture

  7. rob Sep 22,2013 1:01 am

    Works nice on Xperia ZL.

    It would be nice to have idol schedules with filtering. I know it’s hard to know every single event, but it can be done with in app contributions.

  8. 4sashi Sep 26,2013 10:48 am

    Swiping look nice, much easier!

    Some suggestions for last ver:
    – scaling image still produces artifacts when going back to original scale

    – add swipe to Guess who mode

    – make controls larger (on my tablet they look small, what’s on the phone? ~maybe my resolution causes it 1920×1080)

    – it could be good (in guess mode) to check if image is not loaded (often) and auto go forward for next one

    – possibly it will be useful to add this options



    – also randomly inserting
    (or+ other good sites can be useful to randomize search more)

    p.s. Good job! Thanks!

    • zeli47 Sep 27,2013 1:55 am


      I think we’re getting closer to a “usable” version.

      About the artifacts that appear on scaling, I’m not sure what causes them because they do not happen on Android 4.1 but happen on 2.2 from what I saw.

      Can you provide a screnshot to show small controls?

      Shall try to improve the app with your suggestions when time permits!

      • 4sashi Sep 27,2013 10:26 am

        i’m using android 4.x
        artifacts are “stripes”;
        they appear from previous maximized image, when it goes back to normal
        and then some areas that are not covered by image (originally black) are filled with artifacts – parts of previously maximized one;

        shall try to do the screen-shot (any suggestion of android app, or is there embedded way?)

        • zeli47 Sep 27,2013 10:46 am

          Press HOME button and POWER button at the same time to take a screenshot!

          • zeli47 Sep 27,2013 11:28 am

            I’ve identified the source of the problem. Should be fixed in next version!

            EDIT: should be fixed now

  9. zeli47 Sep 28,2013 7:03 pm

    Updated post to reflect recent changes

  10. Reiko Oct 7,2013 7:29 am

    I can’t download the app on my phone, it seems like the link is dead. Can I still get the VIP password? 🙁

    • 4sashi Oct 7,2013 10:49 am

      Did you download directly from Android?
      p.s. Wait a little zeli47 will check this!

      p.p.s. maybe you can run iPad app? 8)

  11. Reiko Oct 7,2013 11:11 am

    Yes I tried to download it directly from my Samsumg Galaxy. Maybe it comes from the fact that I’m in China at the moment.. or maybe it’s just the link that’s not working, I don’t know. Unfortunately I don’t have an iPad ^^

  12. Reiko Oct 7,2013 1:09 pm

    Ok thank you, I will try as soon as I can.

  13. Reiko Oct 8,2013 8:43 am

    Ok it works fine now. In the “Play Guess-Who” section, pictures don’t appear (just a blank square in the middle of the screen) and the button “Next” doesn’t work, I tried to change manually to other girls and just wait for a while, sometimes a small blue square with an interrogative marker appears.. Then the “Watch latest pics” section is bit better, pictures do appear, it works fine (but a bit slow, maybe due to my connection). I tested this app with an HTC. If I can you help in any other way, just tell me what I can do. Otherwise.. please send me a VIP pass as soon as you can! Thank you Sashi 😀

    • 4sashi Oct 8,2013 12:01 pm

      Password sent!

      p.s. on play-guess-who you need to wait a bit and press Next if no image (strange).
      changing girls names is just to choose the answer & test if your answer is correct!

  14. zeli47 Oct 13,2013 11:01 pm

    – Add loading message
    – Autoload next image on load error
    – Add more idols (T-ara)

  15. zeli47 Oct 14,2013 8:44 pm

    – Fixed layout
    – More space in landscape orientation (can see the image better)

  16. zeli47 Oct 17,2013 8:23 pm

    – Added more idols
    – Added difficulty setting
    – Added sound effects (+ setting to disable)

    Now I think all the initial functionality is implemented and should be working as designed 🙂
    Don’t hesistate to write a comment if you find bugs!

    Next up: graphical improvements

    • 4sashi Oct 18,2013 11:26 am

      Thnks! Shall check!

    • 4sashi Oct 22,2013 10:38 am

      Tested. Looks nice.

      a few requests 8) :

      a) add sliding to change the picture in Guess Who (same as in rss mode)

      b) In Guess Who mode the progress bar (round one) looks enormous on my device
      takes the whole screen while rotating i.e. looks to max scaled

      c) maybe it is better to center the image in Guess who mode, when it is small it goes to the top of the screen leaving much space bellow

      d) maybe it is better to limit image search with high res pictures(not sure) cause many of em looks too low res

      e) also it could (?) be nice to see image tags (if any available) in rss mode

      and the final one suggestion: maybe to myself 8)
      we seems need some designer effort to make controls look more pro

      p.s. im with ios ver just stuck on image scaling and google json search limits,
      lack of time kills its going forward, You’re much faster! 8)


      2all: if someone could help plz suggest!

  17. haidome Nov 2,2013 9:39 pm

    wow. I really like this app. I especially enjoy the game on this.

  18. 4sashi Nov 25,2013 8:50 pm

    Maybe we can push the app to the google-play
    After last updates, else we can give up on it , at least I permanently haven’t time for my.
    The only one updt for controls can be placing em at center vertically with more space between an make em 50 % from width (now 100%)
    Also you can place it on bitbucket or github or something to allow us add enhancements


  19. zeli47 Dec 12,2013 6:32 pm

    Development is stalled for the moment.

    Should have some time to spend on it early February so you can expect some improvements around that time next year!

  20. zeli47 Feb 2,2014 11:41 pm
    • improved app design (icons, colors)
    • increased responsiveness
    • show progress bars for long running operations
    • latest posts
    • latest comments
    • new navigation menu
    • moved code to bitbucket
  21. 4sashi Feb 6,2014 11:23 am

    looks good (as always 8)

    few points:

    – maybe use Kpop word somewhere in description or app name(?) as i can find it only by name in Play-store not using “kpop” word search..

    – still enormous (full screen, rotation icon, can be replaced with rss mode nice progress bar) progress indicator in guess who game mode

    – when pressing back button app exits most often (instead of going on level back) [maybe it is on my device only – nookHD -original shell]

    – it could be nice to have swipes also in guess who game mode

    – and super useful feature could be adding rss history and a fully editable list of sites (i.e. daily pic portion is tooooo small for me 8)

    Anyway Great!

    p.s. did also restart my ios app, changed from google search to own python (gapps) server (which does google search and stores links in database)
    now fighting with python Thread (which blocks returning results from server till all threads do exit)

    • zeli47 Feb 6,2014 11:55 am

      Thanks for the feedback

      I will add “kpop” somewhere in the description, thanks for pointing this out!

      I pushed an update last night that fixes a few things in guess-who mode:
      – center image and fit to screen
      – don’t scale loading image 8)

      Will add support for back button very soon!

      For swipes in guess-who, I still have to find a good solution for this one because using the google search javascript API forces me to use a WebView and I can’t directly use the same method as in “Latest pics” mode. But I will eventually find a way to get around this!

      Can you explain a bit more about your idea of “RSS history” (last point)?

      For iOS and Python code, I can give some help if needed but you should push your code to bitbucket so we can work as a team and also need to explain me what you’re doing 8)

      • 4sashi Feb 6,2014 12:28 pm

        did upload a script on bitbucket, shall ask some questions soon 8)
        about rss history:

        Did you use Google reader or somth similar?
        I.e. You have some folders(sections) where your site posts(pics links in our app) are stored, top – are todays, but scrolling down you can see 1day old, 2days, etc..

        I.e. now you have “todays” pics, but if i did use it before it could be useful to store em

      • 4sashi Feb 6,2014 3:37 pm

        did finally (im newby in git same in python 8)
        pushed today’s source to bitbucket (invitation sent to you)

        server code is independent (and small)

        it uses google search and stores result in DB
        so when search results requested (json) from client (ios)
        server feeds it with DB results

        the problem is DB updating (with newer google search)..

        i tried to start updateDB function in a thread
        to give results to client first (and then start updating db)

        even i see
        print “>>>>>>returning res”;

        but return is blocked till thread (or all threads if many)
        do exit

        return json.dumps(retres, sort_keys=True);
        doesn’t work till DB is fully updated (loooong time)

        This seems conceptual (maybe change Bottle for Jango?)
        Can you suggest something on this?

        • 4sashi Feb 7,2014 11:15 am

          btw i think of another way: just create an additional argument in url request string to activate DB update;
          so normal client user will not interfere with updates (and so will not wait for answer)

          but even with this im interesting in how to make threads work after main() return

          • 4sashi Feb 26,2014 12:38 pm

            Hi! How’s app downloads r going?

            about: your questions – directly using google-search JSON api is limited (if not payed)

            and using javascript is limited to webview control..

            and even full usage of google-search is limited enough; having own DB which we can modify/edit (like removing unwanted/mistaken pics, adding new, browsing result pictures, etc) could be useful imho..

            Afair i can’t run python on hosting (only php is there)
            but it is not a problem – it can be hosted anywhere else, even on my ftp server machine.

            All is ready for ios app – found a reader (dev-member) who helped to push app to apppstore; waiting for approval.

            But it is just a guess who game with elements of customizing (i did include site modification to search pics in and idols list modification – like leaving any even One number of idols to look for; also have img_size, img_type mods on server side)

            But i’m thinking of some google-reader like app but for pictures (full screen with good browsing/zooming/etc.) which we have base for with this app, but it could be possibly be interesting for wider auditory..

            What do you think of it?
            2All: Any ideas r welcome!

          • zeli47 Feb 26,2014 8:20 pm

            I’m using that kind of trick (WebView) in the Android app in order to use the js api but indeed the main problem with this approach is that there are always some pictures that do not match the search terms.

            Your idea is just fine. The only downside is that it will take some time to prepare and filter the images.

            I’ll post some image stats for the android app below in a sec 😉

          • 4sashi Feb 27,2014 11:09 am

            yep, thanks for the stats.
            seems app needs deep promotions to make it visible to users, who doubts it.. 8)

            p.s. currently i don’t filter any content just saving google results in db, but maybe someday..
            p.p.s. but what do you think of google-reader style app for pictures?

          • zeli47 Feb 28,2014 10:40 am

            15+ people using the app is not so much but at least it is useful to some people so that’s fine with me 8)

            About the picture app, hmm it’s a little bit out of the context of kpop/jpop and this site but why not

            My advice is to target Android first as it’s easier to get your app on the store (no validation/approval required), costs less to push an app to the store


            • development kit available for all major platforms
            • free to develop on real device
            • can distribue apps via any channel you want for free, only have to pay once for pushing to google play
            • google play: 25$ pay once, push all apps that you want


            • requires OSX in order to develop
            • 99$ / year just to test your app on real device
            • need to approve each app

            If you want to target the largest audience , then ideally, it would be best to use a cross platform framework so that you write your app once and it runs on android, ios, windows phone 8, blackberry + others (=> don’t do what I did if you start developing a new app ^^)

          • 4sashi Feb 28,2014 10:57 am

            about the out of context, i’m planning to use it myself to view kpop pictures aggregated from some sites (i.e. somth like fiddle but wider sites/pics range to take from and fullscreen/swipe/zoom/etc.)

            i.e. the default test scheme could include our fav kpop resources 8)

            p.s. about cross platform – i could think of qt maybe but not sure about web based frameworks, which i did read do lose to native code a lot..

  22. 4sashi Feb 6,2014 11:25 am

    2ALL: Plz download app and write a review! You’ll possibly find it useful!
    the best could be also reviewing other similar (they’re much worse 8) apps and write this one name there! 8)

    • zeli47 Feb 6,2014 11:58 am

      2all: Yup, if you think something should be improved, please tell it here! We can’t guess what you want if you don’t tell us!

  23. ayli Feb 6,2014 3:14 pm

    4sashi, может для популяризации выкладывать клиент тут на
    Самый популярный источник андроид программ в рунете, не считая гугл плея, конечно.

    • 4sashi Feb 6,2014 3:30 pm

      ну можно (через пару апдейтов с фиксами)
      только если кто выложит, самому мало времени разбираться к сожалению..

  24. zeli47 Feb 26,2014 8:26 pm

    4Sashi for Android stats as of 2014.02.26:






    Android version

    Telephone operator

    App version (latest is v6)

  25. craigpb Jun 1,2014 10:39 pm

    Works well on my Nook HD+ rooted. Like all the ways to see pics and 4sashi updates. Did say I was wrong on a couple of GG pics when I wasn’t, but otherwise works well. Can I please get a password? Thanks.

    • 4sashi Jun 2,2014 10:30 am

      Thanks for feedback! Unfort Android app is not in the contest only iPad one 8)
      Try to do somth from vip:howto (facebook is most easiest way imho)

      • craigpb Jun 2,2014 10:40 am

        Unfortunately don’t really do that stuff or have an Ipad. Guess I’m out of luck. Thanks anyway.

  26. vampiregirl Jun 18,2014 6:38 am

    not available for ios?

  27. Lez Sep 7,2014 8:17 pm

    Hey I’ve just downloaded your app for Android, post a comment and rate it 5 stars 😀
    And I’m gonna start using it.
    Thanks for your dedication and collaboration. We highly appreciated it 🙂

    • 4sashi Sep 8,2014 10:58 am

      Do you want vip pass? (it originaly needs ios app rating, but can give it anyway)

  28. sceptic Jun 25,2018 5:17 am

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  29. Kris Oct 24,2018 8:55 pm

    Can’t find it in Poland…

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