Nature (POP Cover Project #4) – Rhythm Nation [MV]

Brave Girls – Rollin’ New Version (Choreography Video) [MV]

UNI.T – Begin with the end [MV]

SoRi – Touch (feat. Basick) + Nature – Allegro Cantabile (Fact iN Star MV)

SoRi – Touch

Nature – Allegro Cantabile

Nature (POP Cover Project #3) – Shut Up And Let Me Go [MV] 1

Hyomin – Mango (Korean + Chinese ver.) [MV]

Hyomin – Mango (Korean ver.)

Hyomin – Mango (Chinese ver.)

SoRi – Touch (feat. Basick) Dance Version [MV]

Kei ‘The Live’ (Lovelyz) – If Only You Are Fine (orig. Infinite Nam Woohyun)

Oh My Girl – Remember Me [MV]

Kitten Girls – U ME US (Kr, Ch, Eng & Jp versions) [MV] 1

Korean ver.