Oh My Girl – Nonstop (살짝 설렜어) [MV] + Bonus Video 8


200429 – Vlive x Dispatch [ⓓxV] – NONSTOP ‘7th Mini Album’ HD Photo Sketch (Eng Sub) + Pictures Set

8 thoughts on “Oh My Girl – Nonstop (살짝 설렜어) [MV] + Bonus Video

  1. Reply voixco Apr 27,2020 5:33 am

    So cute. I really like their Bungee-era outfits and hairstyles. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Reply FLKpop Apr 27,2020 1:49 pm

    I love OMG to bits but this song did absolutely nothing for me. What a disappointment 🙁

  3. Reply roundhus2103 Apr 27,2020 2:43 pm

    I kept expecting the bear to do something rude like give the finger. I think that movie ‘Ted’ broke my perception of innocent bears.

  4. Reply PLISSKEN_Snake Apr 27,2020 2:58 pm

    @voixco yes their visual evolution since Bungee Suit them really well.

    @FLKpop, I wouldn’t go that far, maybe it will grows with time (like “April – LALALILALA” that I enjoy better now.) Mimi’s rap woke me up at 2’15 “.

    • Reply FLKpop Apr 27,2020 3:46 pm

      I meant it was a disappointment for me. There’s nothing distinctive or original about the song, nothing to raise it above an average k-pop song various groups put out by the hundreds each year. Almost every previous OMG song has had that special quality to it, usually in the form of a well-written and produced pop hook. The song might grow on me with repeated listenings (would not be the first time) but right now it does not feel up to OMG’s usual standards.

  5. Reply voixco Apr 27,2020 3:09 pm

    Personally, I love practically everything about their new song/MV.

  6. Reply voixco Apr 29,2020 4:01 am

    Thanks for the recent update, PLISSKEN_Snake. I just got finished watching the Photo Sketch video. Their stylist did a great job. They all look gorgeous.

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