DIA – 감싸줄게요 (Hug U) [MV] + Bonus Video 1


200626 – DIA – 감싸줄게요 (Hug U) – Dance Video – AID ver.

Link to youtube!

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  1. Reply voixco Jun 11,2020 8:17 am

    While I don’t think this song will grab the attention of those that aren’t already DIA fans, I do think it’s a really nice song and MV. The MV is bright and summery and their outfits are quite attractive. That being said, seeing that Chaeyeon and Somyi are absent for this comeback has me concerned about DIA’s future. Considering how many good songs they’ve had, it’ll be a shame if DIA fades away without ever finding the success they deserve.

    Thanks for sharing.

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