NaRi – Favorita [MV]

Link to youtube!

UNI.T – I Mean [MV] 1

UNI.T – Begin with the end [MV]

THE UNI+ G (10:45) – Cherry On Top (Dance Ver.) [MV]

THE UNI+ G (Blooming) – Always (Dance Ver.) [MV]

THE UNI+ G (Blooming) – Always [MV]

THE UNI+ G (10:45) – Cherry On Top [MV] 4

Part II: The Uni+ results: #1 Yang Jiwon

NB: 35 members eliminated

Sticky: Yang Jiwon is #1 in UNI+ 10

NB: Yes, this is what i expected from her 😎
Wondering why she’s not in the front raw of UNI+ and was not present in both 1st and 2nd team which were dancing on KBS shows.. She can sing (and good as i remember from her solos outside of Spica) and she’s very good in visuals esp when working with good make-up/style-maker staff (i remember she was the 1st person getting my attentsion in 1st Spica banners)